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Welcome to HelioVital - The healthier sun shade

HelioVital - the trendsetting sun proctetion

High efficient filter out of damaging UV-A and UV-B as well as sweat-inducing IR-A (Infrared) radiation and allows that enough health benefical sunrays pass through that skin can produce Vitamin D.

HelioVital is a high efficient , proven and easy to use sun filter technology to prevent of UV and IR induced skin damage as well as to increase vitality, wellbeing and good looks by healthy power of sunlight. HelioVital stands for ultimate sunshine pleasure with the goals of rehabilitation, recreation, and prevention as well as glowing good looks with the use of natural, highly effective sunlight without side effects.
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Impressions - Products with HelioVital-Technology

Simple - Reliable

Effectiveness scientifically proven and recommended by dermatologists

Using HelioVital you can do nothing wrong, if you stay in the intelligent shade of HelioVital.

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Worldwide Unique

The new dimension in sun protection thus perfect filter out of specific nanometers of sunlight in nanometer accuracy and regulation of sunlight.
all-purpose using:
- Flexible filter films
- Filter glass "DermalGlas®"

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sunny wellbeeing

Filter for healty life style products
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healing power of sun

Filter für sanfte und nebenwirkungsfreie Behandlungen mit Licht und zur Wieder-erlangung von Lebensqualität und Lebensfreude.
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Biological using of sun

Die biopositive vitalisierende, regulierende und heilende Kraft der Sonne risikolos und verträglich nutzen. keep reading...



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Sun = Life !

Sonne ist die Urenergie und Lebenselexier für Mensch, Tier und Planzen. HelioVital trennt schädliche von nützlichen Strahlen. keep reading...

FAQ - Tips


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